Fiscal Responsibility

  • Support job growth by championing initiatives that help small businesses grow and succeed
  • Spend smart and prioritize to address critical needs in education, health care, transportation and public safety
  • Fund programs that work effectively and eliminate those that don’t
  • Innovate and look for smarter ways to balance the state budget than simply raising taxes on Minnesota families

Energy Independence

  • Remove the Minnesota prohibition on new generation nuclear power and allow our state to take the lead on the use of this safe, reliable and renewable energy source
  • Lower energy costs through increased wind, solar and biomass power, and by capturing America’s oil resources
  • Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to large corporate ethanol producers
  • Chief Author of the Gas Pricing Protection Act which would eliminate the anti-competitive, state-mandated price markup at the pump

Working for Families

  • Fought to balance the state budget with a fiscally conservative approach to keep taxes reasonable and allow working families to keep more of what they earn
  • Co-author of the bipartisan Maple Grove Hospital bill which led to the construction and successful opening of this much needed health care facility to serve the northwest suburbs
  • Successfully passed lifesaving “Shaken Baby” legislation to educate parents and caregivers on the dangers of this preventable tragedy
  • Passed legislation in the House that increases penalties for those who cause harm to vulnerable adults by way of intentional neglect
  • Working with Rogers residents and city and county officials, Joyce Peppin passed tornado relief legislation which provided cash payments and helped ease the burden of recovery for hundreds of families impacted by the devastating 2006 tornado

Kids and Schools

  • Secured record increase in education funding to help fast growing suburban school districts
  • Promoted groundbreaking reform in teacher compensation (Q- Comp) which ties compensation to student achievement and provides spending accountability for taxpayers
  • Chief Author of legislation providing a process for changing school district sizes and boundaries to best serve students
  • Working with district residents, successfully passed legislation creating a neutral and fair education task force to examine the governance issues of the Elk River School District

Quicker Commutes

  • Accelerated the completion of Highway 610 via future passage of the Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Constitutional Amendment
  • Sponsored a northwest suburban transportation summit to allow citizens and government officials to educate MN Dept. of Transportation on the critical needs of our area
  • Chief Author of legislation to add a much-needed freeway exit at I-94 and Highway 101/Brockton Lane

Environmental Stewardship

  • Supported dedicated funding for improved wildlife habitat and increased natural resource preservation
  • Backed Clean Water Legacy Act to improve water quality of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers
  • Approved a nation-leading plan to cut mercury pollution by 90 percent